Timing is Everything

Whether you have a professional, prosumer, entry level or phone based camera, you know that there is a slight delay in from the pressing of the shutter to the actual image being recorded.  This is the timing, the groove, the “it” factor.  When you have reached the point that your intimate knowledge of the equipment is so adept that your timing is instinctive.

Consider the impact of the photo of a batter hitting a baseball.  We have all seen images where we don’t know if the ball is coming toward the batter or the batter has just hit it

In this shot we can see the ball compressing against the bat.bat

The message is that the batter has connected and that ball will soon be travelling very far.

This is a more compelling image.

Or Beyonce when she is gorgeous at a concert.

The eyes are connecting with the viewer,

The hair catching the wind from the fans below

She looks powerful and in control in this image.

But concert photography is VERY difficult to do correctly.

Because the smallest expression can become magnified and in interpreted.


While this is not the most flattering of images, she is a performer and became a victim of unfortunate timing.

If you have ever seen any singer/performer these days, they are putting on elaborate shows and this one picture has led to much unfair criticism of her performances.

Then there are times that the image tells the story of you know what is just about to occur and it needs no caption or setup.

Water all over and a ball in the face.


There are web sites devoted to just showing these images.


The pictures tell the story.

The point I’m trying to make is that the gear doesn’t matter.  Your knowledge of the gear does.




Or just go to Google images and enter this text “right before an accident”



Dictionaries define compliance.  Business define compliance.  We have our personal interpretations of compliance.  To me, it means:

Following what is recommended to achieve a similar result.

In life, there are always people willing to tell you what to do and how to do it. IT security is no different, so get over it.  You may think you know everything, but for once, please be humble enough to just listen.  In this topic, I will be writing about the Department of Commerce, the division known as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and why they are one of the most relevant organizations in our lives.

Step #1:  Perform your own internet search on NIST and its history


Step #2: Be very glad that they exist.

OK, all kidding aside.  NIST was created to maintain standards.  How long is a foot, a mile?  What does the official pound weigh?  What is the correct Time?  This stuff really matters as it is the cornerstone of all society.

In their computer division, they also created a series of security standards.  But it’s not all about computers, security starts with people.  In this series of articles I’m going to attempt to explain the computer security standards as laid out by NIST and the compliance models that are associated to them and why they are relevant.

So as  Bette Davis said, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”



The IT Guy